Who is fefe dobson dating

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Instead, she parted ways with her label, Def Jam who was at the time, presided over by Jay Z. At this point we just need to focus on our relationship and not bring the business into it.

Although it received great reviews, her second studio effort didn’t hit the shelves. We dated about four years ago for a year-and-a-half and then we broke up because he lived in Quebec. Yeah, and it was tough because we ended and that’s when the label thing happened and I was broken from that.

Personality wise everyone is different but it's fun to have a bae that's into skincare and stuff like I am.

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The original This Is My Life (with the flute), Get You Off, As a Blonde, Hole all could have been SMASHES!

I wish Island supported her more back then, they didn't get her image and vision at the time and didn't know how to market her at all. Fefe Dobson ‏@fefedobson AM - 22 Jan 13it's all happening Fefe Dobson ‏@fefedobson AM - 22 Jan 13 Album in full motion ...first official day!!! Fefe Dobson Nominated For Canadian Screen Award January 16, 2013 by Chris Smith Management Congratulations to Fefe Dobson who was nominated for her performance in a supporting role for the film Home Again.

; D ; D I thought we saw a tweet in early Dec (that's been deleted) that mentioned a first single called Revenge coming January 1st. Tune in on Sunday, March 3rd 2013 on CBC to see if Fefe will pick up her first ACCT Award.

album, Rihanna, the dance hall singer metamorphosed into a rock star before the delighted eyes of her fans.

The young woman takes full credit for this drastic change, a way to rebel against the pre-manufactured Beyoncé-wannabe style that her producers forced her into.

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