Updating ford sat nav

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I've attached some pictures of the packaging, SD, and sat nav screens, including the new software details. I think I posted a screenshot in my profile album o the mpg. Regarding the mpg, my wife is off to visit friends in Bedfordshire this weekend.If anybody has any questions, I'm more than happy to answer. She is extremely light-footed, so I will be waiting with interest to see what sort of economy she can manage - I'm not telling her this, so it will be a realistic test.Just bought a used 2013 CMAX and am interested in updated also. Did you find that the sat-nav update also updated your sync firmware? Did you notice any difference in the maps accuracy or functionality after updating [email protected] "UTF-8";#u_H #shortlist-notification-container.hidden,#u_H #uhf-sign-and-search #uhf-login-button-container .uhf-login-state-name .uhf-dropdown-menu.uhf-clearfix:[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] .Instructions said to install the card with the engine on, and not to switch off during the install.What the instructions DON'T say, is that you need to insert the card AFTER the engine is running, and the navigation is selected. At that point, I inserted the card, and a message said "Software Loading".This went on for about 10 minutes, after which a message said update successful, system rebooting.That happened, and after a short time, I had an updated sat nav. I've done a 300 mile journey today and zeroed the trip meter before leaving. Don't know why some guys complain of just 40s, must have leaded boots I reckon.

That will all change thanks to an update to the Ford App Link software (v3.0), which will enable the moving graphics that appear within apps like Google and Apple Maps to appear on the in-car screen..

Here is the full list of the Oct 15 update, if you are not from the UK, but another EU country, you need to make sure you download the correct language pack to include the language you want to be able to speak (and have spoken) to the car in: Language Pack 1 - German, English (British), Russian, Turkish: Pack 2 - German, English (British), Polish, Russian: Pack 3 - German, English (British), French, Italian: Pack 4 - German, English (British), French, Swedish: Pack 5 - English (British), Spanish, French, Portuguese: This is the one I used Language Pack 6 - German, English (British), French, Dutch: Only (for our cousins across the pond): NARev2Once you have downloaded and extracted the zip to the root of a USB drive (min 2GB formatted as FAT32), you need to remove all other USB sticks/devices from the ports on the car (Nav SD can be left in), then start the engine and turn off auto/stop start.

Plug the USB in and it should auto detect the update files, then just follow the on screen instructions.

Update your map today and enjoy the optimal navigation experience.

The following guide and downloadable file will help you to update the Bluetooth, Voice Control and USB module in the following Ford vehicles.

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