Tyrone crystal dating belfast

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Most of today’s crystal makers were established in the last 60 years, but the history of glass making in Ireland is much older than that.There is evidence of glass work in Ireland dating back as far as the Celtic period, though mostly it was jewellery and beads that were made at that time.But to assume this was the only type of quality glass produced in Ireland would be a mistake.

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People often ask about ‘seconds’, but no crystal or glass workshop will ever have any – it’s not that mistakes never happen, just that if they do the glass is simply tossed back into the furnace and reused! Even if you do manage to get it safely back your trip home will be ruined by the constant worry that it will emerge at the other end in a million pieces.

Many of the shops and workshops will arrange shipping and insurance for you at a relatively low cost.

Both sides know that something better might become available and there is often a reluctance to settle, and in both cases there is a big potential penalty for being too picky.

The charity Action on Hearing Loss recently honoured the remarkable contribution of local volunteers from across the country at its Regional Volunteer Awards ceremony recently at the Ramada Encore Hotel in Belfast.

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