Sedating kids on planes

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It’s not unusual for parents to consider avoiding such potential problems by using medication to make their baby sleep.

Medication is a tempting way to keep your baby quiet for a few hours during a trip, but I don’t recommend it.

My mother fed the three of us cough meds as we left a few times and after that it was Pavlovian — we’d all get in the car and immediately crash.

I fall asleep if I’m not driving.” Collette says that her mother used to give her whiskey in hot milk.

Before you jump to judgment, let me explain the situation. Husband and I dosed Baby C with Benadryl during a flight last week.In my last post, I wrote about what we got right on our trip.It was the looks of hatred on their faces — glares saying: ‘Can’t you do something about that dreadful noise, you ineffectual mother?’ — that made me reach, in desperation, for the bottle in my handbag. This was something that held the promise of a few hours of peace; the chance to eat dinner without having the contents thrown around.

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