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It is a curious effect of the passage of time that The Rolling Stones are now as much admired for their business acumen as for their rock and roll.

Nearly half a century after their rebellious beginnings, the Stones remain the world’s highest-earning rock stars.

She said: ‘This is something that is clearly done for the benefit of those who just think of it as girl-on-girl titillation.

I don’t want to have representations of lesbians which is all about sexism, double entendres and sexualised behaviour.

Many have been married for several years—in some cases, more than forty years.

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All of it still applies and I stand by what I have written.

And only Us has an exclusive first photo of them holding hands and getting their flirt on with a little game of footsie!

PHOTOS: Unlikely celeb couples The picture, taken in February, offers a rare glimpse into the couple's undercover flirtation.

Even guitarist Ronnie Wood, a relative newcomer who was only made a full member of the band in 1990, was estimated to be worth £70million during his recent divorce.

All of which is a source of bitter amusement to the shambling figure in a dark grey duffel coat, stopping to light his umpteenth cigarette of the day as he walks from his ramshackle cottage in rural Suffolk to the village shop.

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