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Hardman agreed on the condition that whoever got Mc Kernon Motors would be considered for partnership.

Harvey manages to convince Avery Mc Kernon to let him represent him, telling him that he is loyal and that he would never drop them, but Hardman tells Harvey to drop him since another automotive company triple the size of Mc Kernon wanted the firm to represent them.

Although Harvey initially suspects Hardman leaked his game plan, he later finds out it was Louis, who did it to gain junior partnership from Hardman.

You are the regular viewer of the ABC's blockbuster television series "Baby Daddy" and the role of Baby Daddy's recurring role of Danny Wheeler, and then you probably know about this guy, notable as actor and model, Derek Theler.

Derek also appeared on short Princess Rap Battle, where this guy portrayed the role of Huntsman, and it had released on You Tube on 6th April 2016 and also will see in upcoming web series ' Ninjak Vs the Valiant Universe' in 2017 as the character of "X-O Manowar." He began his acting career in 2009, portraying in various minor roles in TV shows including "The Middle," "Cougar Town," and "The Hills." Derek also auditioned for Captain America but wasn’t cast, and later in 2012, he landed his first significant role when he has a cast member in the ABC Family Comedy, "Baby Daddy," playing the role of Danny Wheeler. A.' and then appeared in November 2015 in the Funny or Die parody titled Chicago Sanitation.

The 35-year-old actor opened up about Markle's royal romance during a Reddit AMA on Wednesday, after a fan asked what it was like "making out on-screen with the potentially future princess of England." WATCH: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Support Their Charities During Separate Trips "The same as it was before she was potentially a future princess of England," Adams joked.

The actor also spoke about his real-life love, star Troian Bellisario, after the two tied the knot in an epic three-day bohemian wedding last month.

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