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However, many managers may be less familiar with how they can sometimes reduce their tax bill by implementing a “cost-sharing agreement” among those divisions that engage in the internal transfer of intangible products or services.

As its name would suggest, a cost-sharing agreement between, say, a U.

_________________________ Fee splitting prohibitions are aimed primarily at situations where a healthcare professional, in order to generate patient referrals from other licensed or unlicensed persons, splits part of the professional fee earned from treating the referred patient with the source of the referral.

In response to legitimate concerns, states adopted prohibitions against fee splitting.

Florida recently enacted a law that cracks down on physicians who serve as medical directors at investor-owned imaging clinics.

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Click here to download a free PDF of the full article.These guidelines were published prior to the commencement of legislative amendments to Part IIIA which took effect in 2010.They should therefore be read in conjunction with Part IIIA as it is currently enacted, and parties contemplating notifying an access dispute should contact the ACCC in the first instance.Awarding employees with stock options those are dated prior to the actual grant date.The date chosen could be one when the company’s stock was at a low, so the options can be in-the-money at the time of granting itself.

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