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When you take a group of people, take them away from their homes, take away their cell phones and television, and their phone calls are bugged — and there’s this one guy who shows up and decides whether you’ll get to eat a nice dinner tonight or whether you’re going to be in a limo with him — it’s like Stockholm Syndrome and they become very quickly caught up in it. When we first went to Flav and said, “Flav, we’re gonna put in you in a house and there’s gonna be 20 women,” he said, “Aw, Mark, you know they’re never gonna pick me.” And I said, “Flavor, you don’t understand.You will be picking them.”You want the person to be super outgoing and super off-the-cuff and super unfiltered.Flav also discussed being in a relationship during the taping of his reality dating show."Well I'm an entertainer, my job is to bring America good TV.Yeah that was kind of difficult [having a girlfriend during the show] but I had to do it.

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PHOTOS: THE CURSE OF REALITY TV STRIKES AGAINBut, probably the most shocking confession of them all? We knew it was kind of wrong yet we felt it was kind of natural," he revealed.

Vh1 just announced that it's planning on bringing back its Celebreality brand of TV shows with a new dating competition starring The Game!

But, since there's still some time until we can announce what we've been up to, we'll just have to occupy our time with other fun things to do! ), we've really been embracing fall traditions, like going to pumpkin patches, and drinking pumpkin spice lattes, and… Ch-ch-check it out to see if your favorite celeb made the cut!!! According to cops, Flav's car was going 79 miles per hour in a 55 zone when they discovered his license suspensions aaaaand a small amount of marijuana!

Maybe in the bedroom that can work but you need to restrain those EEE cups before you hurt your back or something.

While even his hip-hop brethren, Chuck D, openly wondered how he was able to snatch up Bridget Nielsen and get three popular reality shows on his own, the television station executives caught on to his ability to capture an audience and hold their attention.

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