Eee pc updating bios

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The BIOS is an integral part of your overall Eee PC’s operation, and Asus makes the process of updating it very accommodating to users.

1 Type in the Web address to Asus’ “Support” website into the address bar in the Internet browser and press “Enter” (see Resources for link).

Fortunately, updating the BIOS is easy - once you know the trick.

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FYI: The BIOS update download doesn’t includes a firmware flashing app.Make sure you find the page for your own model in asus's site. You have to format a USB stick to FAT16 and make sure that the new FAT16 partition is less than 32 MB (make it 16 MB to be safe, the ROM file is only 512K anyway) . As soon as you see the BIOS splash screen press Alt F2. After the update the BIOS settings are set to their default values meaning WLAN, bluetooth and camera are disabled.The stock BIOS that ships with the Asus 1215N is a fine BIOS... Unfortunately, it doesn't allow access to more than 2.8GB worth of RAM.As most people upgrade their systems, this is a bit of a downer - adding another 2GB for only 800MB more usable is no good.

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