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It is likely the chat zoom functions this way because speech bubbles indicate an identity and location, but when you're all close together, you probably don't need position information, so it is simply not there. For example, long strings of capital letters are automatically lowered for most submitted lines of chat, and your knight will become "hoarse" when spamming the same things over and over.

These settings can be worked around with finesse and patience, but in general cannot be changed by the player.

It is believed by many that these "restrictive" settings are in place because they help keep the game pleasant.

You might encounter other players from other countries who speak other languages, especially if you have accidentally joined a friend in another Haven instance that is not, say, an "English" Haven.

For my specific trading strategy — buying some perfectly priced call options — check out my post from Friday, June 23, in the The rally in this otherwise moribund vehicle could continue for a few more days if my bearish expectations for QQQ pan out.

Regardless, we will NEVER buy call options when VXX is trending, only when it is hitting precisely targeted lows.

We typically focus on trading stocks priced above and below , although you may see high priced names like $TSLA and $NFLX side by side with lower priced stocks.As an example the exit should be 1.83 and then you will win, but here I see differences and this what it makes me confusing ?? Don't dip buy failed morning spikes [Tim Alerts] Thanks to you Tim I had my best day ever today!any explain [email protected] I dont know what trade but I believe you refer to a "short trade", which is the oppesite position for a "long trade". Paper trading verdict : emotions aren't the same , but it's decent practice .. I was long o/n CHFS with 21,000 shares @ about 98.5 average and sold them all this morning at 1.48 for a healthy 10,000 plus profit.look in the web for the deffinition of "short selling" or buy @timothysykes ;) DVD "Short Stocking"Caution when dip buying .. I owe it all to you and will always remember the first time I ran into one of your videos on youtube (which has changed my life and which got me started on this fabulous journey).Many, many thank you's and a BIG Mahalo from Hawaii.

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